[mrtg] 14All newbie questions

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Tue May 2 18:31:35 MEST 2000

We've got RRDTool and 14all running and producing graphs, and have several 

1.  It looks as if 14All generates the index page merely by calling the 
14all.cgi .  Is there a way to segment this so that I can have multiple
smaller index pages, for example one per router?  I don't want to draw 
the daily small graphs for every interface on the system every time I 
look at MRTG, but would not mind seeing all of the interfaces on a 
specific router.  The "Directory:..." keyword seems to be related to 
this but the documentation and syntax escapes me.  Clickable titles with
the router names on the main page would be nice.  

2.  Presently we run several instances of MRTG to stagger the load
so that all of the SNMP polls can finish within five minutes.  This 
is done with multiple .cfg files, one for each group of routers.  
It appears as if 14All wants a single .cfg file to reference.  How
do we reconcile this?

3. Is there a setting to have the graphs (selectively would be nice)
start at zero, as opposed to the expanded scale we're seeing with 
RRDTool?  I'd like the traffic graphs this way, but the expanded 
scale is great for things like temperature.  

4. Likewise, is there a setting to draw fewer grid lines in the Y 
axis?  I've gotten used to the appearance of the MRTG graphs and 
RRDTool's look different...

5. Does the "Interval: " keyword in the .cfg want minutes or seconds?  
What affect does this have on the operation?  We run from cron every
five minutes.


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