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Pete Templin templin at urdirect.net
Wed May 3 20:44:32 MEST 2000

On Wed, 3 May 2000, Dayton Jones wrote:

> I'm using MRTG to poll a Cisco 2514 to watch my company's T1 bandwidth.
> 	Options[xxxxx.1]: growright,unknaszero,bits
> this is working great except that the graphs show the increments in
> kb/s...what I want is for them to say mb/s...so that when we are using the
> full 1.54M the chart shows 1.5M instead of 1600.0k

You may need to experiment with the unscaled option and with varying
values of AbsMax and/or MaxBytes.  MRTG automatically rescales the graphs
to suit the largest data value (or the configured maximums if unscaled).
Once the upper limit for the graph is large enough (I don't know what that
value is), it converts to kilo, or mega, or giga, etc. 


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