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Tue May 9 01:01:29 MEST 2000

At 05:26 PM 5/8/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I changed the time on my linux box to the correct time.  Now my daily
graphs come up with nothing (rateup detected a different times in the logs)
 What I did was I moved the *.log and *.old files to another directory and
ran mrtg on the conf file and the daily is starting to track again (
although I lost todays stuff...not a big deal)
>What I was wondering was,  when MRTG creates the the new week/month/year
graphs, will it create some screwed up graph since I removed the .log and
.old files?  or are those files just used for the daily and then just added
to the weekly/monthly/yearly graphs?

take your old logs (not the .old files, those are just backups)
open it up in your editor of choice, and remove the top line.

then look at the second line. there is a number, then 4 columns.

the number is the "timestamp". when that timestamp is newer than "now" mrtg
will skip it. once "now" catches up to that date, it'll continue on normally.


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