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Laurie Gellatly gellatly at one.net.au
Tue May 9 13:12:50 MEST 2000

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  I'm not sure what you mean by GPL?

  More info - I've sent information to daver @ hp (as you noted below) and the initial NT version with
  readme files etc should be available soon. I'll also have the HPUX version not long away either as it
  already works in beta.

  I'm glad you found and fixed those things in the scritps. I need to incorporate the changes. Thanks.
  OverTime produces PNG files and not GIFs.
  ovtgts "selects" the targets that ovmrtg is already monitoing on the OpenView map/s. Once these
  are selected, the user could perform a further Add/Update to have all the targets updated. There is
  not version that comes with OVMRTG although, again there is a version that works with OverTime for
  HPUX and NT ( again Solaris will be coming soon).

  Were there any other issues that were still unresolved with OVMRTG running on Solaris?

  I'll keep you posted of the availability of OverTime for Solaris.

  Cheers             ...Laurie :{)
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    Is the new version ov OVmrtg ("OverTime") always GPL ?
    Where can we find more info on it ?( BTW, "OverTime" is not a really good keyword on the web...)

    See below some details on Solaris install.

    Bug list found, installing OVmrtg 0.2 on Solaris 2.7, OV/NNM 6.10. OVmrtg comes from contrib directory  of mrtg 2.8.12.

    1) in ovmrtg.pm, incorrect ping syntax for Solaris. Bypass: change "ping $router -n 1" to "ping -s -n $router 64 1"
    2) index uses gif references (now unfashioned). Bypass:    change "gif" to "png" in index.
    3) ovtgts (executable ?) doesnt run in solaris. thus, ovsho desnt run. No source found. No bypass written (what are functions of ovtgts?) 
    Improvements (not bugs) done
    4) Substitute local path of perl bin in OVmrtg's perl scripts (installation via installov.cmds)
    5)"$buildht" script is not cronable in Unix. Bypass: wrote other sh scripts whitch a) modifies path b) sources $buildht 

    6) Please note that ovmrtg 0.2 is published in HP's http://ovweb1.external.hp.com/nnminteract/README_OVMRTG.TXT,  in a windows flavour (setup.exe) )whith no reference to your name...,
    (beginning of this readme below).

        Yurs, E.

        $Date: 1998/12/5 03:51 UTC $

    @(#)HP OpenView NNM Release B.06.00 Dec 1 1998
    @(#)HP OpenView ManageX Release 4.00 Dec 1 1998
    @(#)Copyright (c) 1990-1996 Hewlett-Packard Company

    Welcome to the HP OpenView Network Node Manager For Windows NT,
    OVMRTG integration package. 

    We would like your feedback of how we can improve this int pckg,
    as well as any difficulties you encountered (especially *any*
    installation or licensing problems, including operator errors).
    Please send all feedback via electronic mail to:

    daver at cnd.hp.com

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      Subject: Re: OVmrtg

      I wrote OVMRTG. The original testing was done on HPOV 5.1 and there are some differences to 6.xx.
      Since then I now have a completely C version, called OverTime, that is more flexible than OVMRTG (you
      can graph any SNMP numeric values collected on a regular basis from HP Openview. The next release
      looks like it will have the Cisco SAA code in it (Ping MIB) for measuring latency from any cisco router
      to any IP destination.

      I would like to know why the current version does not run on Solaris. Can you give me more details?

      Thanks                        ...Laurie :{)
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        Subject: OVmrtg


        I'm interested in Laurie Gellatly 's OVmrtg (version 0.2 found in contrib mrtg), which doesnt run on Solaris 2.7 and OV 6.1 (minor bugs related to Solaris implementation, ans an executable not Solaris/sparc aware)

        Does somebody knows a better, complete version, runable on Solaris ? Anybody interested in buglist ?

            Yurs, E.

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