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Wed May 10 23:12:05 MEST 2000


Check out http://www.wtcs.org/Snmp4tpc/.
Garth has done a great job regarding the implementation of SNMP on
different platforms, including NT.  I use the files he has there; they are
batch files to ease the implementation of SNMP on NT.  I would give you
some example of disk and pagefile, but it depends on how the mibs were
compiled, and I think I've compiled them in a different order that the
files Garth currently has on there.

Anyway, take a look, it's a great site.


Thank you for the example. Now I know the OID for monitoring CPU load. I
did use getif to browse the MIB.
However I have a hard time to figure out which OID to query to get results
for memory usage ... paging ... disk
space etc. etc. Can you shed some light on how to go about this .. I guess
I am looking for something like:

1. CPU Utilization in % =
2. CPU Utilization in % =
1. Disk Free in KBytes =
But that would be too easy I am afraid ...

Anyways .. any help is greatly appreciated.

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