[mrtg] problems with absolute data and really small values

Andrew awd at awd.aust.to
Sun May 14 18:36:12 MEST 2000

Hi there,
Just wanted to say very nice prog as well as need a bit of help.
We are monitor some backup mailservers that have small amounts of mail ie 5
incoming and 2 outgoing in 5 mins type thing. the data that is to be input
is calculated every 5 mins (remote site, we are using web and wget for that
(no need to worry about ftp and passwords) and big long file name). every 5
mins on the linux box the stats script is run, and the data on the page is
different from the data from the mailserver's stats. ie 3 incoming and on
the page it says 4 incoming or 5 incoming and the page says 4 .  some times
it says none when one has come through. please find below a copy of the
stats and the cfg file. I've spent ages trying to work it out any help

18001 Emails Delivered in Total
mx backup
on this occasion the
WorkDir: /usr/local/www/data/mrtg/stats/
# MX Backups
Target[mxb]: `cat /usr/local/etc/mrtg/mx2`
MaxBytes[mxb]: 20
AbsMax[mxb]: 550
Options[mxb]: gauge,nopercent,integer
Title[mxb]: MX statististics
PageTop[mxb]: <h2> Mail Backup statistic  </h2>\n
WithPeak[mxb]: wmy
YLegend[mxb]: Email Sent
ShortLegend[mxb]: Sent
Colours[mxb]: GREEN#00ec0c,BLUE#1000ff,DARK GREEN#006600,VIOLET#ff00ff
LegendI[mxb]: &nbsp; To Users :
LegendO[mxb]: From Users :
Legend1[mxb]: Emails in for the 5 minutes.
Legend2[mxb]: Emails out for the 5 minutes.
Legend3[mxb]: Peak Emails in for the 5 minutes.
Legend4[mxb]: Peak Emails out for the 5 minutes.

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