[mrtg] Re: MRTG processor load

Rainer Bawidamann Rainer.Bawidamann at rz.uni-ulm.de
Mon May 15 11:56:10 MEST 2000

In article <20000515071318.26300.qmail at nwcst276.netaddress.usa.net>,
	kcs1974 at usa.net (Csaba Kovacs) writes:
> Coul anyone please tell me how much processing time is involved in
> generating the MRTG graphs? Do people in general find it to be fast
> enough? How many devices are you generating graphs for every 5
> minutes?

This has been discussed several times in this mailing list. You will
find it in the archives.

> I'm running the 5-minute snmp polling for around 100 devices, and the
> machine slows down enourmously. The polling doesn't even finish in
> time for the next batch of 5-minute graphs to be generated. At the
> moment there is a delay in the graphs of up to 2 hrs. The 'last
> updated' may say 14:00, but the graph only shows values until 12:00.

- You can split the config file into several files and run mrtg on each
  of them simultaneously.
- You can use rrdtool to do the logging and 14all.cgi for the web pages.
  Look into the directory mrtg/contrib/14all or on the web page
- don't use mrtg. For other programs you might check

> I'm running it in Solaris, on a Sun Ultra 80, with 1GB of RAM. 

*argh* only have a Ultra 1 ;-(

Rainer.Bawidamann at rz.uni-ulm.de

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