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Fri May 19 04:41:49 MEST 2000


I have this report of mrtg.

The statistics were last updated Friday, 19 May 2000 at 10:15 ,
at which time 'Iloilo-Router1' had been up for 1 day, 1:07:06.
 `Daily' Graph (5 Minute Average)
		 9.2 k
		 6.9 k	
Bytes per Second 4.6 k	
		 2.3 k
		 0.0 k
Max  In: 3034.0 B/s (19.0%)   Average  In: 125.0 B/s (0.8%)   Current In: 21.0 B/s (0.1%)  
Max  Out: 9020.0 B/s (56.4%)  Average  Out: 2341.0 B/s (14.6%) Current Out: 3630.0 B/s (22.7%)  


1. how do I change the Max In: xxxx.xx B/s (xx.x%) into xx.xxKbps? 
2. how do I change the graph display from x.xk into xx.xk?

Anyway, the bandwidth of that serial is 128Kbps and heres my mrtg.cfg.

Target[router1-iloilo-s1.fapenet.org]: 3:iloilo at router1.iloilo.fapenet.org
MaxBytes[router1-iloilo-s1.fapenet.org]: 16000
Title[router1-iloilo-s1.fapenet.org]: Iloilo-Router1 (router1-iloilo-s0.fapenet$
PageTop[router1-iloilo-s1.fapenet.org]: <H1>Traffic Analysis for Serial1

Thanks for the help.

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