[mrtg] Re: patch to MRTG

Adam Stanley astanley at pinn.net
Tue May 23 02:45:04 MEST 2000

well I got the patch from the MRTG site map - it says it is for version
2.7.4...unfortunately I am running the 2.8.12 version of mrtg.  I tried to
run and install the 2.7.4 real version of MRTG and got the same problem.  I
think the issue I am having is that the older versions of MRTG output gif
files whereas the new ones use the png's.  Unfortunately I don't know perl
well enough to do anything about it.  If the ported script you have is
capable of using the newer graphics format I'd be very appreciative if you
could send it to me, and I would just use whatever version of MRTG you
ported it for.  I also have a running version of 2.8.8 on the system.  Thank


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I don't think such an option exists, but I am one of the people who has
ported the MRTG patch.  What version of MRTG are you using, and where did
you get the patch?  I would like to figure out what is going wrong for you.


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Subject: [mrtg] patch to MRTG

Hello All,
  I found a patch out there for Cisco routers that allows the specifying of
interfaces by name instead of by interface number which is wonderful because
of the reconfiguration the routers do when an interface is added or removed.
The problem I am having is that the patched MRTG will not graph the data, it
logs it just fine but no graphs are being created.  Does anyone know of an
option I can supply to the old MRTG perl file to have it only graph the data
and not log it - in that way I could have the patch gather the data and the
original file graph the data.  The data files for both scripts are the same,
thanks for any help.


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