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Tue May 23 08:40:12 MEST 2000

On Mon 2000-05-22 (20:00), hostmaster wrote:
> Is there another package doing what MRTG does but with a faster than 5
> min. avg. and maybe text logging. Maybe with programmable logging
> periods throught the day?
> I've been hosting my organizations free web services locally for six
> months now because my ISP's bandwidth gaurentee is not being met. I
> don't complain about the poor bandwidth though because it's free
> service afterall; but the labor of having to monitor its becomming a
> pain in the butt. 
> We currently use a windows program called 'CyberGuage' which logs
> current in/outs with timestamps every five seconds.. 
> Can I make MRTG do this?
Yes you probably could, however a better choice is likely to be cricket or
some other frontend for RRDTOOL, or indeed mrtg with the rrdtool backend. 
the problem with uing the tradidtional mrtg is that the graphs are
regenerated after every sample.  This may be what you want, in which case a
fast PC would be favourable.

You also need to consider what the actuall traffic flow on your monitored
interface is, too low and you are actually going to loose detail by sampling
to often , ending up with a a graph hovering round 0.

details for configuring the sampling rateof mrtg is in the documentation.


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