[mrtg] Re: Data collected is out of reality

Jakob Ilves jilves at se.oracle.com
Tue May 23 13:49:22 MEST 2000

Hello David!

David Gutiirrez Rueda wrote:
> Hello,
> I've updated MRTG to 2.8.12 + RRD and I'm having problems
> with the data MRTG is collecting. Altough MRTG is working fine
> with almost every network device (we monitor a lot of switches and routers), some graphs
> generated by 14all.cgi show a big line very far from the bandwitdh of the interface.
> rrdtool fetch shows ~ 2e+16 bytes for that peaks. I'm still using (in other machine) MRTG
> 2.2 and the data is correct in that moment. Any suggestion?

Is there any pattern in what kinds of interfaces this occur on?  Are
they of a specific type or on a specific host or cathegory of hosts?

Perhaps there is a bug in the handling of counter roll over (the latter
is when a counter reach it's maximum value and then starts over at it's
lowest possible value) and some software mistakes the huge (negative)
delta to be the actual number of bytes being transmitted.


Best regards


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