[mrtg] Re: how much mrtg slows the system down?

Barry Irwin bvi-mrtg-list at rucus.ru.ac.za
Tue May 23 18:33:43 MEST 2000

On Tue 2000-05-23 (12:07), Samy Mezache wrote:
> > I would like to use MRTG for  webservers but before I do that, I would
> > like to know  how much is MRTG going to slow my systems down.
> > hardware configuration:
> > 
> > Server #1:
> > P3 600
> > 512 meg RAM
> > 27 GIG Drray
> > 
> > Server #2:
> > 2X P3 600
> > 512 meg RAM
> > 27 GIG Drray
nice hardware :-)

it really depends on what you want to use MRTG to measure and how often,
using it for it standard 'original' use of traffic measurement your machiens
houlndt notice it at all.  I monitor about 50 odd variables mostly fed from
external scripts, but some SNMP ones as well on out dual PII400 production
server which doesnt even feel the load, even when running with a full load
of interactive users.

However if you are wanting to monitor data very frequently, or the data you
are trying to measure results in heavy use of process time, ymmv, really
depends on what youa re wanting to do with mrtg.


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