[mrtg] Re: wrap redux

alex at ergens.op.Het.Net alex at ergens.op.Het.Net
Mon May 29 23:26:27 MEST 2000

Randy Bush wrote:

> > It is completely legal to call MRTG more often than once per 5 minutes
> > without changing anything in the config file.

> if one runs it as a daemon, one can not set 'interval' below 5.  as i worry
> about having it 'lap' itself, i much prefer the daemon mode to multiple
> invocations.

Not sure what you mean by 'lap' but if you're afraid that another invocation
of MRTG starts while the previous is still running: don't.  This is where
the locking mechanism protects you.

> > If you would call MRTG each minute, the counter wrapping occurs at a
> > rate of ((2**32)/60)*8 == 572662304 bps
> i think i can get a book to see how to do basic arithmetic.  but thanks for
> your repeated efforts.  :-)

This is not about basic arithmetic.  You didn't tell us about the runasdaemon
mode yet so there was no way for me to know that you had a problem with the
5-minute minimum interval.  Therefore it makes perfect sense for me to assume
you overlooked the possibility of multiplying the maximum possible rate by 5.
After all, this is your problem; you're afraid that you've hit the boundary.
The boundary is shifted up by calling mrtg more often.

> > Warning: MRTG is pretty demanding on your OS.  RRDtool will process the
> > counter much more efficient.
> yup.  as i am just using this for triage, i am only looking at a few
> circuits.  so loading has not become an issue.


If you want to be helped, turn off sarcastic mode and ask again.

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