[mrtg] Re: whant to build my own logs to only use the WEB page and GIF creating capabilities of MRTG

Andrew awd at awd.aust.to
Wed May 31 12:06:55 MEST 2000

> I assume, that mrtg works like that:
> 1. gathers the smtp information,
that should be snmp
> 2. appends it to his log files
not really, as I understand it it takes the information that u give it and
then looks at it's own logs, does some calculations and then spits out the
graphs. (if this is wrong please correct it  ;) )
you would want it to use it's own logs otherwise it won't produce nice
> 3. builds GIF's out of the log file
> 4. creates the Web Page
> If I cut the steps 1 and 2 of this list, build the log file on my way
> output) and go ahead with step 3. It should work.

you can use anything u like to create the data for mrtg to create the
as long as the output is something like :
item 1 to graph
item 2 to graph
you normally put your hostname here (you don't actually need this)
and an uptime of the device that you wish to monitor (nor this, but it
makes it look nicer!!)

> Am I right?

I use snmp direct from mrtg, snmpwalk and perl to rip contents of log
It all worx great.

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