[mrtg] Re: i'm confused

Justin Shore listuser at vinnie.ksu.ksu.edu
Fri Nov 3 06:23:03 MET 2000

You probably already checked this, but is MaxBytes or AbsMax set low? 
What SNMP daemon are you using?  I used to get weird results with UCD 
older than 4.1.x.  Might try upgrading.  You could always try 
gathering the stats by hand too and calculate your rate.  Then you 
could double check everything.

At 12:08 AM -0500 11/3/00, Brian Hechinger wrote:
>i've setup mrtg to watch my ethernet interfaces.  so far, everything 
>is working
>great.  however, i'm a bit baffled about the behavior of the outside interface
>of my router.  it's a 1.5Mbps/384Kbps ADSL modem/bridge hooked up to the
>external interface of my router (SUN SPARCstation 5) and i am able to saturate
>the downstream dsl link (1200-1500kbps is very common) but MRTG 
>shows that this
>interface has maxed out at 1027.6kbps and won't show it as having gone any
>higher.  am i just incredably unlucky and the times when mrtg asks snmp for
>info it just happens that it isn't doing anything faster than 1027.6kbps, or
>is something funny going on.

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