[mrtg] Re: Tracking bandwidth used for period of time (a month)

Isaac Grover isaac at coe.engr.sjsu.edu
Fri Nov 10 19:24:09 MET 2000

Me wrote:

> Management has asked me to implement bandwidth useage tracking for one of our
> larger customers. We want to track if this customer has used over 50Gb of
> bandwidth per month (pricing reasons).  I would like to use something I have in
> place already (namely, mrtg).
> I have come up with a couple possible solutions using mrtg.
> 1.      Erase the mrtg logs every month and start over.  Set the .cfg file to use
> Options[route]: gauge.
> 2.      Devise my own little program to monitor the traffic from the router using
> snmp and use my data files to report back to mrtg what it should graph?
> Some questions, I am sure people have done this before.  What would be the best
> solution?  I am sure the first item is the best solution.  Also, what happens
> if/when the snmp variable for octets sent rolls over?  Am I going to have to
> handle this situation with any solution?
> Is this a job for a different styled program?
> Any comments or solutions would be greatly appreciate.

It's perfectly conceivable you could hack together a perl program to poll inOctets/outOctets every minute or so for a more accurate idea of actual usage, pipe the results to a flat file, and sum the total usage at the end of the month.  The downside is you'd need to build the graphing engine yourself if you wanted to watch trends (unless of course you're already using mrtg).

Here's an example that Alex put together, and it may be what you're looking for.


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