[mrtg] Re: Stopping the Pop-up Windows in NT ?

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Sun Nov 26 01:37:51 MET 2000

Security Admin wrote:
> I am trying to find a clear-cut method to stop or prevent the pop-up windows
> from occuring during the polling of devices using MRTG with Windows NT.  I
> have searched the archives and tried some of the methods found there.  None
> seem to work.

Try some more.  This issue has come up from time to time and IIRC the
problem (which has nothing to do with MRTG itself!) can be solved, sort
of.  However, you start to talk about throwing monitors across the room:

> I am currently monitoring 15 devices and want to add more.  However, until I
> find a solution to this issue I won't add any.  I think if I add anymore it
> will cause me to want to toss the monitor across the room.

No offence and I certainly *do* *NOT* *want* *to* *start* *an* *OS* *war*
here but you should not use windows NT for this job.  I do understand that
people want to use NT for office purposes but that doesn't mean that you
should use it for every task.

Something to think about:  you can build a router with windows NT.  Does
it work? Yes.  Do you want to do it that way?  No.  So why do you want to
use NT for MRTG?  You want your web browser on NT, okay.  You do not want
your monitoring server to run on NT.  Your WinNT based router has severe
limitations, so does your WinNT based monitoring server.

Use linux, free BSD, whatever other *nix.  It can be extremely secure (!)
as it does not need to do much.  It needs MRTG, outgoing SNMP, incoming
SSH or console access and either a web server or a SaMBa server. All
other ports can be closed without much effort.  Not running any other
services on the box means no waste on a graphic environment, server
tasks, domain browsing et al.  More capacity for your $$$.  Yes, you
need to spend some time to learn this new OS.  It's worth it.

Again, this is not intended as oil on the fire for the holy OS war.  It
is just about using the right tool for the job.

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