[mrtg] Re: Cisco Router Frame Relay OID Problem

Roth, Gabrielle gabrielle.roth at xo.com
Mon Nov 27 17:49:09 MET 2000

Apologies for the length of my reply.

> I'm trying to get MRTG up and running on a client site 
> monitoring the Frame 
> Relay Interfaces to generate some stats. If I try to retrieve 
> information 
> from either the RFC1315 or the CISCO-FRAME-RELAY MIB through MRTG it 
> doesn't work, failing with a 'no such name' error. Using GetIf, I can 
> browse the MIB on the C2600 in question and using snmpget 
> (CMU) from the 
> command line I get the correct responses. I have attached the 
> errors below:
> Trying to return a value for the following which is the 
> frCircuitState for 
> the DLCI (I hope!)
> at
> SNMP Error:
> Received SNMP response with error code
>   error status: noSuchName
>   index 1 (OID:
> SNMPv1_Session (remote host: "" [].161)
>                   community: "public"
>                  request ID: 998772632
>                 PDU bufsize: 8000 bytes
>                     timeout: 2s
>                     retries: 5
>                     backoff: 1)
> SNMPGET Problem for ifInOctets.502 ifOutOctets.502 sysUptime 
                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> sysName on 
> public at

Here are a couple of clues:  notice that the OID in the line right under
'error status: noSuchName' is not the same as the OID you were hoping for.
Notice also the 'SNMPGET Problem for ...' line.  These tell you that mrtg is
trying to collect the "default" settings of ifInOctets and ifOutOctets for
an interface that's numbered 502.  My guess is, the interface # isn't the
same as the DLCI.  :)

Gripe:  This is a real drag about the RFC 1315, Cisco's Frame MIB, and the
interfaces MIB--there's not a common interface number or description to
allow you to relate the three mibs together.  (If there is, somebody please
correct me because I've turned myself inside out trying to find it.)  In the
interfaces MIB you get an ifIndex and ifDescr; in RFC 1315 ("transmission")
you get the ifIndex of the major interface and the DLCI; in Cisco's frame
MIB, you get ifName (same as ifDescr) and subIfIndex (same as ifIndex). >:(

Back to your problem:
You need to specify the full OID path to the OID you're interested in on the
Target line.

You don't have to use the same target twice, that's just to show just the
one value in that graph.

> [root at qvsnm1 mrtg]# snmpget public 
> .
> Name: transmission. -> INTEGER: 2
> Which is the Up state. Basic MRTG functions work perfectly - 
> does anyone 
> have any ideas?

Don't forget you will want to use the 'gauge' option with this type of OID,
and you will probably have a very boring graph. :)


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