[mrtg] HELP: MRTG logging different values from external program

John Turner jturner at solidspeed.com
Mon Nov 27 21:58:58 MET 2000

Hello -

This is my first post to the list, any help would be appreciated.

I've been using MRTG for several months now, to monitor traffic.  It's been
working great!  Recently, I started to try and do a little more with it,
such as monitoring things besides in and out packets.

After following the hints on using MRTG with an external program, I got it
working, with 6 different targets (an external script for six separate

My problem:  MRTG is not logging the same values that my external script is
sending.  In [target].log, the values are quite a bit different than what my
scripts are sending.  I know this from logging to a completely separate
file, and comparing the two value lists.

To make matters stranger, I created a script that issues the same two
numbers over and over and over, never changing.  MRTG logged DIFFERENT
values the very first time the script was called, but since has been logging
the correct values.

Here is a sample target config:

Target[perfquery2]: `/usr/local/bin/my_external_script`
MaxBytes[perfquery2]: 5000
Title[perfquery2]: Perfquery for MachineX
PageTop[perfquery2]:  <h3>Some Page Title</h3>
Options[perfquery2]: growright gauge integer nopercent
LegendI[perfquery2]: my.machine.com
LegendO[perfquery2]: origin
YLegend[perfquery2]: Milliseconds
ShortLegend[perfquery2]: ms

In one case, the values in the .log file are substantially different than
the values my script is sending.  In my test script, I send the values "400"
and "600" repeatedly.  The first time MRTG called the script, it logged
"389" and "584" instead, and then proceeded to log "400" and "600" as you
would expect.

I'm stumped.  I've been through the docs, the FAQ, and have tried switching
the target config from gauge to absolute and back, with no result.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

-- John

John Turner
SolidSpeed Networks
jturner at solidspeed.com

"There's no such thing as fast enough."

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