[mrtg] how to get bytes/minute chart one computer w/o SNMP?

Amar Zumkhawala zumkhawa at cis.ohio-state.edu
Tue Nov 28 17:14:11 MET 2000

	What's the best tool to use to get bytes/minute over a two hour
span between computers connected via a linux router?  Can I somehow use
mrtg without running snmp to get me a succinct, timestamped logfile with
bytes/minute from my linux computer "router"?  From my searches into the
configuration file documentation of mrtg, I haven't been able to figure
out if this is possible.

	My goal is to monitor traffic over time on a five computer test bed.  
These computers are running linux or windows, and are in a star formation,
with the kde linux computer in the center acting as a router between the
two hubs, with each hub connecting two computers.  
	The application for this is to stream video for from one side of the
router to another, from S to C.  All computers are linked via ethernet and
have private network 192.168.* address.  The router R has two ethernet
cards.  A & B will be sending data to each other simply to hog bandwidth
with a simple program I wrote; we are interested in how the S to C video
tream is affected from a bytes/minute standpoint.  A & B will communicate
via TCP, S & C will use TCP & UDP.

192.168.3.* ip's
 C       B
  |     |
  \     /
     R  <-- This is where mrtg would run
  /     \
  |     |
 S       A
192.168.2.* ip's

The end goal is to have a pretty graph that charts two lines, one with
bytes/minute between C to S, the other with bytes/minute between A to B.

I was able to install mrtg with the one-to-one directions.
Thanks you very much for taking the time to respond.  Any leads would be
highly appreciated.

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