[mrtg] Another Oddball Configuration Question

Larry Sheldon lsheldon at creighton.edu
Thu Nov 30 03:26:00 MET 2000

I have what I thought was a simple thing to ask MRTG to do.

But after several trips through the documents I know to look in, I can't
find out how to do it--indeed I am no wondering if it is possible, 
although I would swear I have done something like this in the past.

The problem--to graph as "output" the sum of the "inputs" from several
interfaces on several "routers" (3com 3500's, actually) and as "input"
the "ouput" of a single interface on a real router.

(As I typed that, I'm not sure it made sense to me--the point is to relate
the traffic from several sources to its destination, the Internet.  I intend
to make a second graph showing the relationship of traffic from the Internet
to the outbound traffic to those same locations.  Still not sure if it makes

The most recent target line reads:

Target[res.halls.internet-in.comp]: ifInOctets.8:public at creighton-main-2 + ifInOctets.11:public at creighton-main-1 + ifInOctets.12:public at creighton-main-1 + ifInOctets.13:public at creighton-main-1&ifOutOctets.1:public at creighton-internet

I get several whines from MRTG that indicates it is not parsing that the way
I thought it would--if the errors would be useful I can pass thme along too.

As usual, I will be grateful for help, including RTFM refences to specifics
as to the TM that I should FR.
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