[mrtg] Re: conflicting results

Steve Yingst (LMF Staff) runner at lmf.net
Tue Sep 26 21:39:57 MEST 2000

Ok, now you said MRTG, is referencing it as 350kbytes total at any time, I'm
assuming you're referring to you added both the up and down channel averages
the MRTG produced.  So dividing that in half it gives you 175kbytes,
multiply that by 8 to get the kbits and you have about 1400kbits.   Sounds
awfully complicated so the way to avoid that is add this line in your serial
interface and I would recommend all interfaces, that way you get a more
realistic idea.

Options[]: bits

This should then give you results fairly close to what UUNet is generating.
Also by the looks of that report I would recommend another T1 line.  :)
Also the other nice thing about this string in your config files is as soon
as MRTG writes data to that particular graph all existing data will be
converted to bits then giving you a good read out of past data.

Another handy string to have in a config for a wide open T1 is this line.

MaxBytes[]: 192000

That way it will give you an accurate representation in terms of percentage
as to how much of your T1 you are using.

That's about it for helpful hints until you get your second T1 then I can
show you how to map both as a combined aggregate, so you know when it's time
for a 3rd T1 or maybe a T3.  :)

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Out of curiosity, anybody know something out there that would generate a
report like this?

> UUNET Weekly Utilization Report for Annotate.net
>             8/13/00 - 8/19/00
>   Account Number: xxxxxx
>          Average: 396.4K
>  80th Percentile: 865.4K
>  95th Percentile: 1490.4K
>  99th Percentile: 1505.4K
>          Maximum: 1508K

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