[mrtg] Re: [rrd-users] RRDTool + MRTG

Josh Goldfarb jgoldfarb at KodiakComputer.com
Thu Apr 5 00:40:14 MEST 2001

I am having a problem just implementing the rrdtool with MRTG .. I
followed step by step instructions on the web for WINNT so if someone
has successfully implemented RRDTOOL with MRTG please contact me
I call the webpage UP and it says NO GRAPHS TO DISPLAY
it looks like it is trying to search for the pictures but cannot find
I appreciate all the help from everyone on the list who has been
directly helping. I appreciate it ( you know who you are)
I am about two or three steps of troubleshooting away from completeing
it so if someone can help me let me know

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	Subject: [rrd-users] RRDTool + MRTG

	I switched from MRTG to RRDTool becuz i wanna add third line in
a MRTG graph
	showing the sum of other two(in and out).
	I installed RRDTool successfully, added "LogFormat", "PathAdd",
"LibAdd" in
	one of MRTG 2.9.6 config files, installed 14all.cgi and
successfully able to
	see the graphs generated by 14all.cgi .. and good thing is they
are almost
	same as what I have seen in MRTG.
	My question is, now how and where can i integrate more RRDTool
commands in
	order to get my desired results or graphs.
	I m running Solaris 8 with RRDTool 1.0.33 and MRTG 2.9.6.
	Any FAQ or helpful link highly appreciated.
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