[mrtg] Re: Indexmaker woes

Robert Gahl bgahl at fireclick.com
Thu Apr 5 20:11:40 MEST 2001

At 02:12 AM 4/6/2001 +0900, Grendel wrote:

>         You're not doing anything wrong, as far as that unitialized value 
> error
>is concerned. The syntax error you're seeing doesn't affect the output
>of indexmaker in any way. If there is a problem in the output of
>indexmaker, then the problem is somewhere else.

Ah, confusing one thing for another. Thanks.

>     if (! defined($$opt{pagetop})) { $$opt{pagetop} = '' }

I just have the cron job send all errors to /dev/null rather than having to 
manage the code through updates that may happen :) Since this error was 
non-sequitur (and a red herring as far as my general problem was 
concerned), I'm just going to ignore it for now.

>         As for why nothing appears on your index page, the problem is the
>filter you're using. Perhaps you meant to write something like --filter
>name=~64.210.184 instead of --filter title=~64.210.184. Name stands for
>the part between the brackets for a given target, and title stands for
>the part that comes after the colon on the Title[blort]: line.

You were correct in that I should have been using 'name' rather than 
'title'. It is happily generating daily charts for the bosses :)

This product ROCKS! I've been using it less than 24hrs and I'm already in 
love with it ;) Thanks for the assistance.

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