[mrtg] Re: Monitoring open files and disk i/o

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Fri Apr 6 20:46:29 MEST 2001

alexe wrote:

>         I would like how monitoring open files and disk i/0 in a linux
> computer?

    For open files, you're looking for /proc/sys/fs/file-nr

    The man page for proc states:

     The (read-only) file file-nr gives the number of files
       presently opened.
     The file file-max gives the maximum number of open files the
       kernel is willing to handle.

    For disk I/O, you can use the 'procinfo' command, which will tell you
things like your I/O pages, and disk R/W values.  For example, on my
system, procinfo tells me the following (irrelevant info snipped)

user  :      11:33:01.67   0.3%  page in : 50779930  disk 1:
nice  :       0:00:37.00   0.0%  page out: 23064932
system:       5:34:54.65   0.1%  swap in : 18294086  disk 3:
158662r       0w
idle  :   3d  7:02:22.74  99.6%  swap out:   829328
uptime:   4d 11:44:36.37         context :310316944

    Reading 'man procinfo' you get:

       page in:
          The number of disk block paged into core from disk.
          (A block is almost always 1 kilobyte).

       page out:
              The reverse of the above.

       disk 1-4:
              The number of times your hard disks have been accessed.

    Good luck.


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