[mrtg] ANNOUNCEMENT mrtg-2.9.11pre1

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Sat Apr 7 19:10:42 MEST 2001


I have integrated all the patches I got since January, fixed all
the bugs I know of and added some user requested features ...
There goes my Saturday ...

You can get the beta from


I have also updated the list of mrtg companion sites


I expect to release this a final 2.9.11 in a few days ...

If some kind Windows NT User would send me a fresh compile of
rateup.exe this would be highly appreciated, as there have been
several updates to this code since 2.9.10.


Changes 2.9.11 (pre1)
From: James Overbeck <grendel at interq.ad.jp>
 * properly deal with target math resulting in non integer data
   even when logging to rateup which can not deal with floats.

From: Simon Butcher <simonb at alien.net.au>
 * cleanup of rateup.c and some new options -b -a -o -i
 * new options for mrtg noborder, noarrow, noi, noo, nobanner and
   check reference.pod for docs.
 * generator meta tag to html pages

From: Gerry Van Steerteghem <gerry.vansteerteghem at pandora.be>
 * add hyperlinks to 14all compatible indexmaker pages

From: David Boyer <Boyer_D at glan-hafren.ac.uk>
 * contrib mrtg.php produces live index

From: David A. Pérez <david at kamborio.com>
 * contrib TTrafic a *.log analyzer in asp

From: Ratko Bucic <ratko at ban.junis.ni.ac.yu>
 * serbian language translation

From: "Gill, Vern" <vgill at technologist.com>
 * contrib iptables-accounting

From: Dan Lukes <dan at gw.nic.cz>
 * allow configure to work even if you have a gdlib which supports
   BOTH gif and png

From: GOMEZ Henri <hgomez at slib.fr>
 * add 'only_ip_address_matching' feature to SNMP_Session. We are
   more libaral when accepting snmp responses now.

From: Tobi
 * be more tolerant with external scripts input
 * added feature to SNMP_utils: If first snmp var name is a HASH
   the hash contents is used to set snmp options on the connection
 * handle descriptions with & in cfgmaker
 * added SnmpOptions: command to mrtg.cfg lanuage ... It allows
   to set Snmp Options as available in SNMP_Session. Check the
reference.txt file.
 * test for availability of ifHCInOctets when running cfgmaker for
v2 targets
   suggested by  Pascal Eeftinck <arcade at planet.nl>
 * fixed indexmake image path for situations with Directories
 * added option --prefix to indexmaker for people keeping thier
   somewhere else than default.
 * honor background option in cfg file for indexmaker pages
 * fixed warning in indexmaker (Use of uninitialized value in
   concatenation <.> at indexmaker line 174)
 * when the integer option was specified, there was still a .x
   printed in the sumary area ...
 * updated url in ircstats2 README
 * mrtg will now timestamp any warning and error message it emits
   suggested by SUZUKI Yasuhiro <ysuzuki at bb.mbn.or.jp>

From: Juha Laine <juha.laine at soon.fi>
 * fixed threshold processing ... IT REALY WORKS NOW! ...
   **** Incompatible CHANGE ****************
   ThreshProgOK now gets the same
   commandline arguments as the normal ThreshProg ...
   **** Incompatible CHANGE ****************

From: Alexey Milevsky <alex at pbank.donetsk.ua>
 * configurable confcache (.ok) file location

From: Anthony Howe <achowe at snert.com>
 * add <meta http-equiv="Cache-Control" content="no-cache">
   to html files as this seems to be more understandable than
   "Pragma" content="no-cache"

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