[mrtg] Lost Data?

Oliver Cook ollie at uk.clara.net
Tue Apr 10 17:55:12 MEST 2001

I usually use RRDTOOL, but on this occasion
decided to use MRTG to just graph disk space
on two servers.

The config file was: 

WorkDir: /usr/local/mrtg/html

Target[yahtzee.usr]: . at yahtzee
MaxBytes[yahtzee.usr]: 100
Options[yahtzee.usr]: gauge, integer, nopercent
PageTop[yahtzee.usr]: <h1>Yahtzee Disk Space</h1>
Title[yahtzee.usr]: Yahtzee Disk Space
Unscaled[yahtzee.usr]: ymwd
XSize[yahtzee.usr]: 380
YSize[yahtzee.usr]: 100
RouterUptime[yahtzee.usr]: public at thanatos.clara.net

Target[cluedo.usr]: . at cluedo
MaxBytes[cluedo.usr]: 100
Options[cluedo.usr]: gauge, integer, nopercent
PageTop[cluedo.usr]: <h1>Cluedo Disk Space</h1>
Title[cluedo.usr]: Cluedo Disk Space
Unscaled[cluedo.usr]: ymwd
XSize[cluedo.usr]: 380
YSize[cluedo.usr]: 100
RouterUptime[cluedo.usr]: public at thanatos.clara.net

And it was called out of cron like this:

1-59/5  *       *       *       *       root    /usr/local/mrtg/bin/mrtg /usr/local/mrtg/cfg/disk-new.cfg >/dev/null 2>&1

It worked OK for a few hours, but then some of the data for 'cluedo' was lost.

The log files show that all data prior to 986913900 for 'cluedo' was zeroed.

Does anyone have any ideas why this should be? I am running MRTG-2.9.10 


Ollie Cook

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