[mrtg] Re: Need Advice Please - prepare for breif rant...

Grendel grendel at interq.ad.jp
Thu Apr 12 00:55:37 MEST 2001

	Snipped a bunch from the original...
	I use 2.9.10 on Solaris, and I have experience with using it to monitor
ATM routers made by NEC. Once I was trying to use it as part of a shell
script I could run whenever there was a change so all configs and
indices could be updated with one command. I also had a problem with
tedious editing of bandwidths, which made it hard to do configs and
indices in one go, until I discovered a wonderful little program called
sed. It let automate the searches and replaces I had been doing by hand.
	sed is avalable for Windows by way of Cygwin (http://www.cygwin.com).
Though I've never tried using cygwin myself, it's what I would use if I 
were in a situation where I was stuck with a Windows machine but needed
the *nix tools I'm familiar with.

Best regards,
James Overbeck
GMO - http://www.gmo.co.jp/
Tokyo, Japan

Daniel J McDonald wrote:
> To have more accurate configs you have to have an accurate network.  That
> means setting the Bandwidth statement on every sub-interface in the whole
> WAN.  Yes I know it's tedious, but if it were my network I would have
> frame-relay traffic shaping set up on every PVC, so I would have PIR, CIR,
> and all of the burst parameters set to match the service provider, allowing
> me to have complete control over which packets I drop, as opposed to letting
> the telco drop them willy nilly.  Of course, I'd then have to write an
> application that modified all of the mrtg configs to have absmax of PIR and
> maxbytes of CIR, but that's not an impossible task.
> You'd like Linux better.

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