[mrtg] Re: Need Advice Please - prepare for breif rant...

Daniel J McDonald dmcdonald at digicontech.com
Wed Apr 11 21:20:01 MEST 2001

>Jonathan Ford
> Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 10:28 AM
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> Subject: [mrtg] Need Advice Please - prepare for breif rant...

> * All sites connected with MCI WorldCom Hyperstream Frame
> Relay or Local Carrier Metro Frame Relay (Depends on distance)
> * Site speeds range from 128k to T1's and a few 6MB HSSI

>Problem is that the
> PVC speed reported by the Hub site router is not the speed to
> the end location. i.e. I have to do huge amounts of editing
> of the config files to have accurate readings

That's a limitation of the LMI.  IETF LMI does not convey any information
about PIR or CIR to the router.  Cisco's LMI, if your carrier were using
Stratcom gear, does convey this information if they configure it to do so.

Irrespective of the LMI in use, the ifSpeed value is not changed.  That is
set exclusively by the bandwidth interface configuration command.  I'm
afraid the only way to get good data would be to document a procedure within
your WAN group that anytime a PIR or CIR is changed by the carrier, someone
changes the ifSpeed value and documents the PIR.
Then write a batch script that runs cfgmaker each night/week/month depending
on your churn rate and set the --ifref value to something other than

> and I also have
> to reverse the statistics (-) to accurately represent the graphs.

well, that's a training issue.  You could also change the labels...

> What I would like:
> To utilize RRD/14all too. To have more accurate config's the
> first time around.

To have more accurate configs you have to have an accurate network.  That
means setting the Bandwidth statement on every sub-interface in the whole
WAN.  Yes I know it's tedious, but if it were my network I would have
frame-relay traffic shaping set up on every PVC, so I would have PIR, CIR,
and all of the burst parameters set to match the service provider, allowing
me to have complete control over which packets I drop, as opposed to letting
the telco drop them willy nilly.  Of course, I'd then have to write an
application that modified all of the mrtg configs to have absmax of PIR and
maxbytes of CIR, but that's not an impossible task.
> Platform:
> Windows 2000 Server on Dell Poweredge 2300 Plenty of RAM and
> Disk, IIS 5.0

You'd like Linux better.

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