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Travis Dawson tdawson at bluemartini.com
Mon Apr 16 03:02:22 MEST 2001

I too have went as far as decompiling the Java app but still can't figure 
out how that darn mrtg.cgi thing works. Nobody in that Department is 
willing to help. If I get really pissed I might start social engineering 
people there into emailing me the mrtg.cgi file. I have never heard of this 
much trouble in getting a file that the author advertised in a public list.
Will post the files once/if I get them.

At 10:04 AM 4/12/01, Isaac Grover wrote:

>Patrick Bartkus wrote:
> > Did anyone ever find the author or figure out how to make this work?
>I dug as deep as I could to make it work.  Here's a brief rundown
>on what I've done.
>I emailed Rick at his akbar.cc.utexas.edu account, which yielded
>no response even though finger revealed that his account was used
>after I sent the message.  I found out through his former
>employer at UTexas that he has a DBA, so I emailed him at that
>account, again no response.  I also found out that he works at
>AOL (shudder), and through a stroke of luck found his AOL
>address, again no response.  He also doesn't return phone calls.
>My conclusion is that he doesn't want anyone using his program.
>It's possible that he doesn't legally hold the rights to the
>program, but having personal experience in the academic arena
>this isn't too likely.
>Being stubborn as I am, I searched out alternatives that he could
>have used to build the binary stream that mrtgbin.cgi created
>from the log file.  I found a few that were promising, but I
>couldn't re-create the exact binary stream from his log file that
>his mrtgbin.cgi created.
>I'm not going to pursue this any further, but anyone else who has
>such a desire can be my guest.  =)
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