[mrtg] Re: graphing 2 links on the same mrtg graph. - question - followup

Donald Mahler dmahler at telcordia.com
Tue Apr 17 21:49:05 MEST 2001

Thanks for the help so far.

I have tried using the following statement:

Target[traffic-balance]: at router1 + at router2

but this does not seem to work.   my intent is to show the inoctets for
link 3 on router1 , and then another line with  inoctets for link 3 on
router2. does return 0.

the result.   the graph shows traffic from  one router, but not from the
other .

can this really be done?   can someone share a mrtg target statement that
works.   inoctets.3/router1 and  inoctets.3/router2

much thanks

Don Mahler

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Donald Mahler wrote:

> what I need now is to aggregate router1's traffic and show it vs
> traffic.   comparing the traffic load on one vs the other.   on one
> preferable only the inbound traffic, but combined would be ok.   can this
> be done? - graphing 2 links on the same mrtg graph?    I have attempted
> the following, but the numbers do not seem to add up.
> Target[traffic-balance]: 3:public at router1 & 3:public at router2

"3:public at router1" is shorthand for
" at router1"
You get both input (...1.10.3) and output (...1.16.3) doing so.

If you want to use MRTG to compare the two, you could for instance do:
" at router1 + at router2 "
where x is an interface that is known to return always 0. Most
of the times it isn't hard to find such an interface.

If you do this, you are displaying the sum of
     "input from router1" and 0     as input graph
     0 and "input from router2"     as output graph

If you really cannot find an interface that returns zero, you can
always revert to the external program interface.  Write a script
that gathers the information you want, and call it from MRTG. See
the documentation and/or the FAQ.

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