[mrtg] Announce mrtg 2.9.11

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Tue Apr 17 23:56:14 MEST 2001


I have released mrtg 2.9.11 ... yet again an incremental update
with a bunch of new features and bugfixes ... Note that the
Threshold feature got a massive and slightly incompatible update
... It should realy work now ...

you can get the latest release from


Note, there is NO windows version. This is because nobody has sent
me a precompiled version of rateup.exe for the new release yet.
(Hint Hint!)

Have fun

Changes 2.9.11
From: Mike Mitchell <Mike.Mitchell at sas.com>
 * fix for broken snmp with returns negative numbers for counters ...
 * integrated my SNMP_utils changes into the real thing.

From: Tobi
 * make sure cfgmaker puts now raw < or > into the PageTop tag

From: Chad Mynhier
 * properly integrated ytics support in rateup

From: Diogo Gomes <etdgomes at ua.pt>
 * Portuguese translation for mrtg

From: Thomas Abthorpe - Tby. * <tabthorpe at cgc.ca>
 * The period "." was missing in front of $$rcfg{extension}{$item}.
   in indexmaker

From: James Overbeck <grendel at interq.ad.jp>
 * properly deal with target math resulting in non integer data even when
   logging to rateup which can not deal with floats.

From: Simon Butcher <simonb at alien.net.au>
 * cleanup of rateup.c and some new options -b -a -o -i
 * new options for mrtg noborder, noarrow, noi, noo, nobanner and nolegend
   check reference.pod for docs.
 * generator meta tag to html pages

From: Gerry Van Steerteghem <gerry.vansteerteghem at pandora.be>
 * add hyperlinks to 14all compatible indexmaker pages

From: David Boyer <Boyer_D at glan-hafren.ac.uk>
 * contrib mrtg.php produces live index

From: David A. Pérez <david at kamborio.com>
 * contrib TTrafic a *.log analyzer in asp

From: Ratko Bucic <ratko at ban.junis.ni.ac.yu>
 * serbian language translation

From: "Gill, Vern" <vgill at technologist.com>
 * contrib iptables-accounting

From: Dan Lukes <dan at gw.nic.cz>
 * allow configure to work even if you have a gdlib which supports BOTH gif and png

From: GOMEZ Henri <hgomez at slib.fr>
 * add 'only_ip_address_matching' feature to SNMP_Session. We are
   more libaral when accepting snmp responses now.

From: Tobi
 * be more tolerant with external scripts input
 * added feature to SNMP_utils: If first snmp var name is a HASH pointer,
   the hash contents is used to set snmp options on the connection
 * handle descriptions with & in cfgmaker
 * added SnmpOptions: command to mrtg.cfg lanuage ... It allows
   to set Snmp Options as available in SNMP_Session. Check the reference.txt file.
 * test for availability of ifHCInOctets when running cfgmaker for v2 targets
   suggested by  Pascal Eeftinck <arcade at planet.nl>
 * fixed indexmake image path for situations with Directories
 * added option --prefix to indexmaker for people keeping thier index
   somewhere else than default.
 * honor background option in cfg file for indexmaker pages
 * fixed warning in indexmaker (Use of uninitialized value in concatenation <.> at indexmaker line 174)
 * when the integer option was specified, there was still a .x printed in the sumary area ...
 * updated url in ircstats2 README
 * mrtg will now timestamp any warning and error message it emits
   suggested by SUZUKI Yasuhiro <ysuzuki at bb.mbn.or.jp>

From: Juha Laine <juha.laine at soon.fi>
 * fixed threshold processing ... IT REALY WORKS NOW! ...
   **** Incompatible CHANGE ****************
   ThreshProgOK now gets the same
   commandline arguments as the normal ThreshProg ...
   **** Incompatible CHANGE ****************

From: Alexey Milevsky <alex at pbank.donetsk.ua>
 * configurable confcache (.ok) file location

From: Anthony Howe <achowe at snert.com>
 * add <meta http-equiv="Cache-Control" content="no-cache">
   to html files as this seems to be more understandable than "Pragma" content="no-cache"

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