[mrtg] having trouble getting gauge to work with growright

George Nease George.Nease at dig.com
Wed Apr 25 23:11:36 MEST 2001

MRTG comrades, apologies if this is in one of the FAQ's; I read Tobi's
config reference and cfgmaker reference, and searched the linked FAQ's from
Tobi's pages and didn't find this, but I seem to remember it being asked

I'm getting a good (but growleft) chart with this cfg (IP's are fake):
#Global Modifications:
Options[_]: bits,growright
#This is the configuration to get DSOs and PPP Sessons
Target[]: at
Maxbytes[]: 200
Ylegend[]: # of Connections
LegendI[]: DS0s
LegendO[]: PPP Sessions
Title[]: DS0s and PPP sessions in Use
PageTop[]: <H1>DS0s and PPP sessions in
   <TR><TD>george.nease at his.com</TD><TD></TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>DS0s and PPP sessions in Use</TD><TD></TD></TR>

Options[]: gauge

...but all my other charts are growright, and I can't seem to get this one
to change its ways and become growright. 

Is there some kind of trick to getting them to play well together? Maybe a
conflict of some kind with the global setting? I tried

Options[]: gauge,growright
...and the other way around, with no luck.

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