[mrtg] Re: mrtg upgrade for Windows

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Fri Apr 27 23:52:09 MEST 2001

Garnel, Eric wrote:
> I saw a post regarding mrtg upgrade for Linux, but not one for windows NT 4
> which doesn't support symbolic links (that I know of)
> I would like to upgrade my MRTG, but not lose data or have new graphs with
> none of the history in them.
> Or, how hard is it to import data (log files) from one instance to another?
> Any ideas?

There's no such thing as importing the data.  it may seem that way
but in reality it works like this (simplified):

  -  read the config file (specified location on command line)
  -  process the config file
  -  read data from the device (specified in the config file)
  -  start rateup (or rateup.exe) with the gathered data and the
     various settings, such as the path where the log files live
     This is also specified in the config file.
  -  read the log file
  -  recompute the entire log file
  -  write the log file

So, if your config file is in c:\mrtg, and your log files are in
c:\mrtg\logfiles, you can create a new directory for the new mrtg
(let's call this c:\mrtg-2.9.12a), copy the config file over and
start using that version in stead of the older one.  As WorkDir
(or LogDir if you use that one) stays the same, the same log files
are used.

You could also copy the log files over to the new location (stopping
the old mrtg first perhaps, dunno if this is necessary in windows).
This way you can revert to the older version if needed.

Just to make sure you don't take this all for granted:
1) I don't use windows, so try it before you trust it
2) *ALWAYS* read the release notes before you upgrade, there may
   be important information in there which is far more authoritative
   than what I wrote here.  The release notes are in the file called

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