[mrtg] Re: How to for renaming and moving .rrd files

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Wed Aug 1 03:34:23 MEST 2001

Curtis Bond wrote:

> Can anyone point me to a how to for moving and renaming .rrd files. The

No, not that.  However, I can give you some general guide lines.
This doesn't mean I can nor will guaranty that this works.

> machine the MRTG resides on will be moved and the MRTG service will be
> moved to a different box. So I need to move and maybe rename the files
> on the other machine. I need to keep the data for trending. I lost some
> data before and I can't afforded to fsck up again. Need a battle plan.

1) RRD files are architecture dependent.  You cannot move them
   from (for instance) a big-endian machine to a little endian
   machine.  If you can't move the files, you can use dump and
   restore their content.  See the manual pages.

2) rrdtool itself couldn't care less about the filename.  MRTG will
   of course need to know which file to access and so do the other
   programs (such as 14all.cgi).  In general, file names are
   deducted from the Target[x] definitions where the corresponding
   RRD filename will be "x.rrd".  Scan the MRTG config file for "x"
   and replace by "y" (on the new box of course).  Start mrtg, it
   should create RRD files having the same properties as the original 
   ones (on the old box) except for the data.  Now copy the RRD files
   onto the new box and move them to their new name (thereby destroying
   the new files with the old name and the missing data).  It should
   already work from then on.  Check, check and double check.

3) never ever decommision the old box before you know for sure that
   the new one is working.  It is relatively simple to start from
   scratch on the new box, monitor things closely until you're 100%
   confident that it works and only then move the RRD files.  This
   will double your monitoring traffic and resource usage on the
   targets however this shouldn't be a problem.  If you're afraid
   that it will be a problem, just do your stuff in small portions
   at a time.
   If anything should fail while copying the RRD files over to the
   new box, data is still being gathered on the old one.  Review
   what you did wrong and retry.  If necessary you can always ask
   more concrete questions, >>>on the list please!<<<

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