[mrtg] Re: RRD data format

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Wed Aug 1 13:42:38 MEST 2001

=?iso-8859-1?Q?Jos=E9_Maria_Costa_Pereira?= wrote:

> 	I've recently started to collect data in rrd format. With the
> rrdtool option fetch, I looked at the data rrd collects, but I couldn't
> understand what values is he collecting (bits/s, bytes/s ...).

1) RRDtool doesn't collect data.  If you're still using MRTG and
   set the LogFormat: RRDtool setting, MRTG is collecting the data
   and rrdtool is processing it
2) If you *are* using MRTG to collect your data, the numbers that
   RRDtool get from it are the same as used to be in the log file.
   This means that there are rates measured in octets per second.

> 	Basically what I would like to know is what options are used to
> create the database files (.rrd).
> 	I've already seen that there are two data sources named "ds0" (in
> traffic) and "ds1" (out traffic). But I dont know what type are they
> (COUNTER, GAUGE, DERIVE, ABSOLUTE) or how often are they read (default = 5
> minutes). And, are there different RRAs (round robin archives) for daily,
> weekly, monthly and yearly graphics ??

Please try the "rrdtool info" command.

In the future please make a clear distiction between RRDtool related
questions and MRTG related questions.  This particular question should
have gone to the rrd-users list.  Do not write *every* question you
have to the rrd-users list just because you are using rrdtool...
If you have a question about the front end, it should go to the front
ends mailing list.  Front end can be MRTG.  Questions on the config
file are clear examples of questions that should go here.
If you have questions about the back end, it should go to that list.
RRDtool is the back end.  Questions on the RRD file, on generating
a rrd grapher script, dump and restore etcetera should go to rrd-users.

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