[mrtg] invalid function

David Forsyth iwrtech at iwr.ru.ac.za
Tue Aug 7 14:48:25 MEST 2001

during the mrtg run I sometimes get the simple message
Invalid function

all the graphs look like they're working though.

I believe it's shown when the email graph is being done, which is 
defined as

Title[IWR.13]: Email Rates For IWR
Target[IWR.13]: `c:\mrtg-29.4\bin\mrtgmail.bat z`
MaxBytes[IWR.13]: 100000
#Options[IWR.13]: gauge
withpeak[IWR.13]: ymw
YLegend[IWR.13]: Email Bytes
Legend1[IWR.13]: Incoming
Legend2[IWR.13]: Outgoing
Legend3[IWR.13]: legend3
Legend4[IWR.13]: legend4
LegendI[IWR.13]:  Incoming:-
LegendO[IWR.13]:  Outgoing:-
PageTop[IWR.13]: <H1>MailServer In and Out for this month</H1>
   <p> These graphs track the mail server activity for this month

this runs under Windows 95, called by cron
the batch file initiates a  couple of awk scripts that extract the 
email byte totals from the log file and print out the required 4 
lines of data for mrtg

those 4 lines look like
MailServer In and Out Bytes - Errors 0

I grepped mrtg for 'invalid function' but found nothing, also looked 
in rateup.exe but only found longer strings incorporating that text.

any ideas?

PS: right now it is not displaying this message, which is weird 
because it did it all morning whiel I was setting up some graphs in 
another cfg file

       David Forsyth                 
Principal Technical Officer  -- Institute for Water Research
Grahamstown - South Africa

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