[mrtg] Re: Getting old data into new stats

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Wed Aug 8 23:46:12 MEST 2001

Keith Olmstead wrote:

> Here is my situation..
> I have one old box that has been monitoring our routers and what not for 
> years and I am needing to get the past data from that box to a new 
> box.  The old box is running mrtg and has thousands of log files and html 
> and whatnot from years of monitoring.  My new box is running the latest 
> version of mrtg with rrdtool and 14all.cfg.

1) Never ever decommision your old setup until you are *sure*
   everything is OK.  Yes, *you* are smart enough to know this
   but others reading this message may need the hint :)
2) Don't copy over the RRD files.  It may work, it may not.
3) Let MRTG do the conversion.  It will do so if it cannot find the
   RRD file.

2+3 explained a bit further:
1) you first make sure the new setup works.  To do so, you start monitoring
   with it.  It should create the RRD files and it should start logging
   data into it.  The 14all.cgi script should work so after a few minutes
   you should see that it works.
2) Stop the monitoring on that box.  For instance, comment-out the entries
   in cron.  Now copy one log file from the old setup into the new setup.
   Remove the corresponding RRD file. Start monitoring again.  MRTG should
   automatically convert the log file into a RRD file and again, 14all.cgi
   should show correct graphics.  No need to wait (long) as you should have
   all of the data already.
3) Stop monitoring again, copy over all of the MRTG files, start monitoring.
   Check.  Check again.

For large amounts of log files and/or slow network connections, don't
copy all files in one run.  Just do a few at a time.  This way you
won't loose much (if any) polling intervals.

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