[mrtg] Re: Timeouts?

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Thu Aug 16 08:54:05 MEST 2001

System Services wrote:

> Genrally one or two things are happening:
> There is a another instance of MRTG configured to run and the runtime is
> overlapping on to the execution time of the one in question.  Or, your
> snmpd daemon is hanging on the query and MRTG is not exiting until the
> SNMP transfer is complete.  It is possible that the snmpd query is
> stalling when it should be sending an "Okay that all".

    That's the problem.  I know for a fact that MRTG only runs _once_ every
five minutes - I have verified this.  So, what's happening is essentially

    First run:  starts up, no lockfiles, sends query to snmp and waits
    Second run:  starts up, finds stale lockfile (always less then 5 seconds
old) and quits
    Third run:  starts up, no lockfile, sends query to snmp and waits

    Then the loop starts over, however it can go on for hours without
complaining and collecting data just fine, then suddenly it'll fail once.
Work again for hours, then fail again.  Always just one query fails, and the
lockfiles are always less than 5 seconds old (which tells me, they're five
minutes + five seconds old - since it's been five minutes since the previous

    And it's not consistent about _when_ it fails either, so I can't really
figure out what's going on.  However, I've monitored network traffic, server
load, all kinds of things, and nothing seems to be responsible for this so I'm
lost on this.

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