[mrtg] Re: Solaris monitoring?

Gaurav gaurav at inwire.net
Fri Aug 24 20:32:02 MEST 2001


I am going to start on something similar to your's from this Monday onwards.
Have been taking a look at what information can be gathered using SNMP from
a Sun box. Possibly might run snmpwalk and see what all information I can
gather. Maybe that will be useful. Do you have the snmpd daemon running on
your Sun box? That might be the place where you might want to start with.
Getting it working up and running and replying back to snmp queries from the
MRTG box.

Hopefully I plan to monitor the following:

Server Load,
Disk Space Usage
Memory Utilization
Logged-in users
Free Swap
Server Uptime
LAN Traffic
Open TCP connections

I did search google for 2-3 hours yesterday but couldn't find any pointers
on Sun box monitoring. If I am not mistaken, this topic has made it to the
list earlier too, with no fruitful reply. Hoping this time, somebody will
have the sample configs, ideas, etc.

For the CPU utilization I found the below sample configuration.

<<Start CPU Utilization Sample Config>>

Target[$CFGNAME]:. at sq
MaxBytes[$CFGNAME]: 100
Options[$CFGNAME]: gauge, nopercent, unknaszero
YLegend[$CFGNAME]:  % of CPU used
ShortLegend[$CFGNAME]: %
LegendO[$CFGNAME]: &nbsp;CPU System:
LegendI[$CFGNAME]: &nbsp;CPU User:
Title[$CFGNAME]: squaw
PageTop[$CFGNAME]: <H1> CPU usage for $DEVICE

<</End CPU Utilization Sample Config>>

Please add me to your list in case you find configurations/ideas from
anywhere apart from this e-mail list.

Thanks and Regards,
- Gaurav
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> 2nd question. Are the any cfg examples for a sun for checkin CPU MEM, etc?
> (It s a system with more then 2 cpu's)

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