[mrtg] Wrong figures being graphed?!

Michael Bartlett michael_jw_bartlett at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 27 04:21:04 MEST 2001

 hi all
i've just started running mrtg (2.8.12)
i've got a configuration entry that looks like this:

Target[performance.disc]: `/usr/local/etc/mrtg/scripts/file_stats.sh`
MaxBytes[performance.disc]: 1000
Title[performance.disc]: Open Files
PageTop[performance.disc]: <H1>Open Files</H1>
Options[performance.disc]: growright, gauge
ShortLegend[performance.disc]: F
Legend1[performance.disc]: Open Files

now, if i run file_stats.sh manually - at this point in time i get:

su-2.03# ./file_stats.sh

if i take a look at my graph, the has been an original spike of 72 (which
was about 30 mins ago), but its now registering no data as can be
illustrated by pasting:

Max  In:72.0 F (7.2%) Average  In:41.0 F (4.1%) Current  In:0.0 F (0.0%)
Max  Out:72.0 F (7.2%) Average  Out:41.0 F (4.1%) Current  Out:0.0 F (0.0%)

i would have expected that behaviour if i didn't have the "gauge" in the
options. any idea why on earth i would be getting such results. is there any
way to run mrtg so that it prints out the output of each script that it runs
so i can maybe see what is going on? i've tried looking at the log file, but
it doesn't make much sense to me!

additionally. on the same graph, if i look at the weekly graph, its values
appear to be less than the daily (max values):
Max  In: 35.0 F (3.5%)   Average  In: 35.0 F (3.5%)   Current  In: 0.0 F
Max  Out: 35.0 F (3.5%)   Average  Out: 35.0 F (3.5%)   Current  Out: 0.0 F

sure the average should be different, yes, but the Max must be the same
because the week time period has to experience the same Max value of a day
time perioud. or is the 30 minute calls done as snapshot and not averages?


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