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Mike Koch Mike.Koch at etsi.fr
Thu Aug 30 16:40:27 MEST 2001

Hi Daniel,

no no you are not an idiot ;-) ( I cannot say this as I don't solve your

Anyway, I'm very comfortable (!) now with MRTG and SNMP, but not with RRD. I
started only yestersay the 'difficult' task of converting from RATEUP to
RRDTool. Yes yes I'm disgressing... All I wanted to say is that I ran your
command on my test rrd base (a double in parallel of a .log old RATEUP
database). It's a classical in/out bytes from an interface. Here is a sample
of the result (I'm on W2000):

1) rrdtool fetch AVERAGE > average.txt
(here is the last lines of average.txt):
 999177900: 1.0058840198e+005 8.0421870315e+004
 999178200: 1.2635992874e+005 5.7407742533e+004
 999178500: 1.7649378777e+005 2.0952335923e+005
 999178800: 1.6880876073e+005 3.9394493947e+004
 999179100: 9.4746895173e+004 4.3236432786e+004
 999179400: 1.3577813909e+005 3.4761226237e+004
 999179700: 1.1840316995e+005 3.6638851563e+004
 999180000: 1.1829770086e+005 3.6880742245e+004
 999180300: 1.4185218429e+005 5.7477028426e+004
 999180600: 1.3941966515e+005 5.4212790999e+004
 999180900: 1.4312940653e+005 3.5145653148e+004
 999181200: 1.0352650809e+005 4.1275541727e+004
 999181500: 2.0293898105e+005 6.7465683369e+004
 999181800: -1.#IND000000e+000 -1.#IND000000e+000

2) rrdtool fetch MAX > max.txt
(here is the last lines of max.txt):
 999158400: 1.3936008936e+005 1.5528767755e+005
 999160200: 1.2836467903e+005 9.2381606078e+004
 999162000: 1.4629078134e+005 7.8945782399e+004
 999163800: 1.4509417693e+005 7.7375857024e+004
 999165600: 9.4145856511e+004 8.1113396278e+004
 999167400: 9.1790572500e+004 1.1994376692e+005
 999169200: 9.5941052721e+004 5.1693892278e+004
 999171000: 1.1731680987e+005 6.5102343456e+004
 999172800: 1.1568500344e+005 3.9555091451e+004
 999174600: 5.8609400031e+005 7.4711448267e+004
 999176400: 4.1775655088e+005 1.1756954280e+005
 999178200: 1.4928100602e+005 8.3772124674e+004
 999180000: 1.7649378777e+005 2.0952335923e+005
 999181800: -1.#IND000000e+000 -1.#IND000000e+000

So, as you can see, the files are really different. But it seems to not have
the same 'granularity' (the time resolution is not the same). Err, I cannot
really comment on this, nor help you a lot as I'm very new with RRD
(currently reading stuff on it)...

Hope this helps.

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I looked into this a little more. 

>From reading the rrdfetch manpage, I would think that specifying MAX vs.
AVERAGE for the CF would give you different output, but:

mrtg:root:[10:16am]:~> /usr/local/bin/rrdtool fetch
mrtg:root:[10:17am]:~> /usr/local/bin/rrdtool fetch
/mrtg/httpd/html/MRTG/michigan/mail/smtp/mx2.mx.voyager.net.bytes.rrd MAX >
mrtg:root:[10:17am]:~> diff MAX AVERAGE 

hmmm....what am I missing?  (replies calling me an idiot are welcome as long
as they help  :)

Daniel R . Kilbourne extolled:
> So, I am trying to understand the rrdfetch option a little better to do
some reporting the "higher ups" want. Basically, they want a web page that
has just text reading the AVERAGE, MIN and MAX for several things I am
monitoring with mrtg/rrdtool daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. 
> Any ideas/suggestions/flames about how I can go about getting that info? 
> I have done something similar to report high usage on modems. I basically
do this:
> /usr/local/bin/rrdtool fetch /path.to.specified/rrd MAX | cut -f4 -d ' ' |
grep + | sort -te +1 | tail -1
> This seems to show the MAX just right, but I need AVERAGE and MIN
too.....I may be braindead today (no caffeine yet), but I cannot seem to
wrap my brain around it...

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