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Roth, Gabrielle gabrielle.roth at xo.com
Thu Dec 6 18:58:36 MET 2001

> Greetings,
> Does anyone know the OIDs for temperature in CISCO 7500 routers?
> Thanks all,

Here is my post from a few days ago that never made it into the archive:

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> may be some body can help me with the router temperature graph .

Assuming Cisco routers...(sing it with me:) this is only going to work on
certain model #s/IOS combos.  I have done this successfully with 72xx, 75xx,
and 12008s running >12.0.  You can do this on certain switches as well, but
it requires a completely different set of OIDs and isn't nearly as

There are a few examples of temperature cfgs in the list archive (see link
at bottom of email). But instead of just giving you the OIDs, let's create
the target "from scratch".  This is fun, and will help you create your own
targets in the future.

To save some time, we'll pretend we already know the OID we need is in
CISCO-ENVMON-MIB (ftp://ftp.cisco.com/pub/mibs/oid/CISCO-ENVMON-MIB.oid):
(There may be other MIBs that work for you...that's the fun part.)

ciscoEnvMonTemperatureStatusEntry looks promising, so let's go for a walk:
snmpwalk myrouter public .

We get back something like this:
enterprises. = "RSP(4) Inlet"
enterprises. = "RSP(4) Hotpoint"
enterprises. = "RSP(4) Exhaust"
enterprises. = Gauge32: 18
enterprises. = Gauge32: 25
enterprises. = Gauge32: 28
enterprises. = 50
enterprises. = 60
enterprises. = 101
	...other stuff

(Note these are in °C...probably not a problem for anyone but certain
countries who refuse to convert to the metric system.  But I'm not bitter.)

I usually monitor inlet and exhaust, and set my "MaxBytes" to RoomTemp
(72°F, 25°C?), and the "AbsMax" to the value of the inlet Treshold.

Plug in the values and create our target cfg:
Target[myrouter.temp]: at myrouter*1.
MaxBytes[myrouter.temp]: 72
AbsMax[myrouter.temp]: 122
Options[myrouter.temp]: gauge, nopercent, growright
YLegend[myrouter.temp]: Temp in deg F
ShortLegend[myrouter.temp]: \260F
LegendI[myrouter.temp]: &nbsp;Inlet:
LegendO[myrouter.temp]: &nbsp;Exhaust:
Legend1[myrouter.temp]: Average Inlet
Legend2[myrouter.temp]: Average Exhaust
Legend3[myrouter.temp]: Max Inlet
Legend4[myrouter.temp]: Max Exhaust

Note that this has been modified for °F.

I am working on a patch to cfgmaker that will create target(s) for
temperature monitoring if the box supports it.  Don't hold your breath
though, it's one of those "in my spare time" projects, and the 12000s are
giving me fits.

"Five out of four people have a problem with math."

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