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Recently, Paul C. Williamson talked about "[mrtg] Generate html but not graphs?", and said
> Howdy all,
> I'm trying to decide if I can switch over to MRTG/RRDTool/14all, but I have 
> one small problem.  I'm running reports on an hourly/nightly basis that look at 
> the html info for utilization stats.  Works great with the default MRTG installation, 
> the one that uses rateup and automagically creates all html and graphs every 
> time it runs.  I'd like to use RRDTool, but I realized that some of the speed gain 
> is due to not generating the html and graphs until they are needed (ie "clicked 
> on").  The problem I have is the automatic reports.  They depend on the 
> "currentness" html files to be accurate.  Is there anyone that can think of a way 
> to automatically generate the html pages every time mrtg runs (every 5 minutes 
> for me), but I can wait until someone actually requests (clicks on) a link to 
> generate the graph.  
> Any and all suggestions are welcome.

You might actually consider doing your report generation from a different
viewpoint...use a web crawling tool, or even the perl GET module to
simply run through all the web pages you want to gather reports on
and grab the data from them that way.  It'll hammer your webserver a
bit harder as you do the run, because you'll be sequentially generating
web pages for everything going into your report, but it means you can
generate your reports anywhere, without needing access to the static
html files on disk.  It also means that you won't have to make any
modifications to your 14all setup.

Just a thought...
> Paul

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