[mrtg] Strange things with interfaces on linux

Leonardo Pimenta Gonzalez mailinglists at avati.com.br
Thu Jul 5 18:37:51 MEST 2001

 i am having a little problem with a graphic. I have sent the graphics pictures in this message.
 The first picture is an Interface on Linux
 The second picture is an Lan Port on Cisco
 Both are turned on directly with an Twisted Pair Cable
  If you look, in the first one i have a limit of 128 kbps and in the  other i have the same limitation . The problem is that in one of them , i am getting two times the value. If you check in thew pictures, you  will see that it is the same traffic. Is it possible that it is giving 
 me two times the value? Does anybody haver seem something like that?
 My conf files are attached below too

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My conf file:

WorkDir: /graphers/client11
RunAsDaemon: yes
NoMib2: yes
WriteExpires: yes
Unscaled[_]: dwmy
Interval: 5
Language: brazilian

#Linux Interface
### Interface 3 >> Descr: 'eth1' | Name: '' | Ip: '' | ###

Target[routerinterface]: 3:comunity at
Options[routerinterface]: bits, growright
AbsMax[routerinterface]: 30000000000
SetEnv[routerinterface]: MRTG_INT_IP="" MRTG_INT_DESCR="eth1"
MaxBytes[routerinterface]: 16384
Title[routerinterface]: Mrtg
PageTop[routerinterface]: <H1>Mrtg</H1>

#Router Serial
### Interface 2 >> Descr: 'Serial0' | Name: 'Se0' | Ip: '' |
Eth: '' ###

Target[serialrouter]: 2:comunity at
SetEnv[serialrouter]: MRTG_INT_IP="" MRTG_INT_DESCR="Serial0"
Options[serialrouter]: bits, growright
AbsMax[serialrouter]: 30000000000
MaxBytes[serialrouter]: 16384
Title[serialrouter]: Router
PageTop[serialrouter]: <H1>Serial</H1>


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