[mrtg] Re: Dir parsing problem

Alistair.McGlinchy at marks-and-spencer.com Alistair.McGlinchy at marks-and-spencer.com
Thu Jul 12 13:02:01 MEST 2001

I believe the problem here is the OS is (secretly :-) preserving the old 8.3
naming convention. If you run "dir /x" on an NT system you will see the that
the file is also know as something link test~1.cfg. (I'm not sure what the
flag is for Win9x). Hence the reason why "dir" and "for" find and use these

As a quick fix you could try:

To get dir to return only the files you are interested in run:
  dir *.cfg | perl -le "print if /\.cfg$/i"

To replace:   for %1 in (*.cfg) do blah.bat %1 
  dir /b *.cfg | perl -ne"print `blah.bat $_` if /\.cfg$/i"

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> From:	Neil Pike [SMTP:NeilPike at compuserve.com]
> Sent:	12 July 2001 11:31
> To:	mrtg at list.ee.ethz.ch
> Subject:	[mrtg] Dir parsing problem
>  I'm stumped on this one.  I use a batch file and a FOR loop to process
> all
> my cfg files, which works fine except it also picks up any temporary files
> that MRTG creates with _l_l..... at the end.
>  I want to be able to get a list back of just files that end in ".cfg" for
> a batch file that uses a FOR loop.  However, I also get passed back files
> like the one below - "test.cfg_l_l".  Any ideas on how I can ignore these
> files?
>  You get the same result with a dir command - e.g. dir *.cfg, dir *.cf?
> all
> return these files and I don't want them.....
> 10/07/2001  14:13                9,136 RSTOKEATM1.Cfg
> 10/07/2001  14:13                9,138 RSTOKEATM2.Cfg
> 11/07/2001  16:21                6,744 snaserver.cfg
> 19/05/2001  20:57                5,621 SOS-MCC-R1.Cfg
> 19/05/2001  20:57                4,559 SOS-MCC-R2.Cfg
> 12/07/2001  10:39                    4 test.cfg_l_l    
> Neil Pike

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