[mrtg] Re: Uptime for Netware server (correct syntax)

David Murray David_Murray at health.qld.gov.au
Mon Jul 16 05:05:15 MEST 2001

Thanks for that.  Would like to keep it simple and if it can be done great, if not, I wont worry about other methods.  We are using Netware 4.11 and 5.1.



>>> "Daniel R. Kilbourne" <drk at voyager.net> 16/07/2001 12:45:16 pm >>>
Well, look closer at the error, it tells you all you need.

MRTG has a strict format it looks for:


Now, the key parts are the integer parts.

Anytime you put an OID into a Target statement for mrtg, mrtg strictly 
takes whatever the OID gives it. In some cases, the OID will return an 
integer and all is fine.

In your case, though, you do not get an integer. You get '11 days, 0:47:51'

This is not an integer. You can get what you need a few difeerent ways. 
Using the OID you have, you can write a script to parse it out to deliver 
an integer. Or, if you tell us the OS (including version) you are using, 
someone may have a better OID to use.

At 12:33 PM 7/16/2001 +1000, David Murray wrote:

>Hi All
>Anyone know how to configure for uptime in mrtg.cfg
>I have used   nwSysServerUptime (measure in 
>hundreds of seconds)
>but I keep getting the following error
>D:\MRTG\2-9-12\bin>perl mrtg mrtg.cfg
>2001-07-16 12:30:22 -- WARNING: Expected a number but got '11 days, 0:47:51'
>2001-07-16 12:30:22 -- WARNING: Expected a number but got '11 days, 0:47:51'
>I have also used
> and with the same results.
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