[mrtg] Re: MRTG, RRDTool, 14all.cgi and multiple targets per

Kerry Kincaid. kincaid at meer.net
Fri Jul 27 19:29:51 MEST 2001

I think my actual question was if MRTG lifted the 2 data source restriction
if using RRDTool for logging and graphing instead of Rateup.  I've not found
any information that would support the answer I'm looking for.

As for rolling your own scripts, I can agree with Alex in trying to
customize someone else's script to suit your needs.  A lot of time can not
only be spent trying to make it work, but time can be wasted if you never
really get what you want.  My problem with this is not learning RRDTool
(I've started with the tutorials and it isn't as difficult to understand as
I'd expected) but the fact that most of these scripts and programs are
written in Pearl, or designed to work with Pearl scripts.

I'm simply not a Perl programmer and haven't had the time to learn.
MRTG/RRDTool is the only application that I use that uses Pearl.  I'm a
Visual Basic/VBScript programmer utilizing windows script host.  I've not
had the time to work on such a solution for my MRTG needs as of yet.  The
reason for my original question is that I have a working MRTG installation
that I've been customizing for some time.  I'm very happy with it but want
to go a little bit farther and was hoping that MRTG had the abilities I was
looking for.

Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and pickup a Pearl programming book or


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David Sawyer wrote:
> > > My question is can this be done with MRTG using an RRDTool backend and
> > the
> > > 14all front-end?  I have a config that ran under MRTG without RRDTool
> > 
> > I'm not entirely sure but I don't think this can be done -using this
> > end-.
> > 
> Doesn't "routers.cgi" do this?

Maybe, maybe not.

1) routers.cgi != 14all
2) I'm the do-it-yourself type of person so I don't know either program.

In my experience when you need to tweak an application to do exactly
what you want it to do, you spend at least as much time configuring
this application as you would spend on generating your own grapher script.

So, if routers.cgi knows how to display the data exactly as wished, go for
it.  If not, or if in doubt, at least consider learning RRDtool and roll
your own script.  This too will cost you time, at least the knowledge you
aquire is useful for more than just this problem.

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