[mrtg] Re: Server Specs.

Tim Kennedy tkennedy at yellowbrix.com
Fri Jun 8 02:56:25 MEST 2001

I used to use a dual xeon 400, with 512mb of ram, and ultra-wide scsi
disks, and i used to poll about 115,000 interfaces every 5 minutes.
we ran 5 processes in parallel, or it took about 11-12 minutes to complete
a cycle.

the OS was freebsd.

that was a couple of years ago, though.

Recently I had another server that was running on two 10gig ultra-66 IDE
disks, running linux, that was performing horrendously, and crashing a lot.
I upgraded the disks to 2 18g ultra wide SCSI disks, and the box has been
performing flawlessly since.
This box was mosltly running a webserver, though it did some other stuff.
Nothing that should have put enough load on it to matter, though.

just reaffirms my long standing prejudice against IDE drives.
(no flames, please)

It does sound like the box should be performing better, but I can't 
really say what might be the problem. 

What OS are you using?


On Thu, 07 Jun 2001, Jon Viventi spake thus:

> One of the mrtg processes sometimes takes the full 5 minutes to run, so I
> get an error message when the next one attempts to run. I've fixed that for
> now by spreading them out over time, and I can probably squeeze more onto
> the box by splitting up that one customer, but I dont think much more. Its
> pretty well at 60-80% cpu all the time and the drive is going constantly.
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> From: joliver at ee.ethz.ch [mailto:joliver at ee.ethz.ch]On Behalf Of John
> > Right now I have a PIII 600 desktop w/ 384meg RAM and 20gig ultra 66 IDE
> > drive. It seems to have reached its limit at 2300 interfaces.
> Have you monitored that machine to see what's giving out at ~2300
> interfaces?
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