[mrtg] Re: mailq script needed

Tom Throckmorton throck at hbs.edu
Thu Mar 15 15:37:46 MET 2001

Imran wrote:

> Now can any one have the script for the mailq statistics of sendmail using
> in mrtg??

You can find a simple perl script to count the messages in queue (as well as
some other useful scripts) from the Empire SystemEDGE Contrib Page:


# count ^qf files in the mail queue
# runs twice as fast as the sh(1) version

# this was just a 6 line script, but for backward compatibility with
# the sh version I have added some logic to get the default mqueue
# from /etc/sendmail.cf

# 1996-11-04  Kimmo Suominen (sh)
# 1997-09-03  Eric Hendrickson (perl)

#       $Id: mqcnt.pl,v 1.2 1997/09/11 17:53:15 edh Exp $

use File::Basename;             # for dirname()
use Getopt::Std;

($prog = $0) =~ s,.*/,,;

$usage = "usage: $prog [-C sendmail.cf] [mqueue]\n";

# accept -C for backward compatibility
getopts('C:') or die $usage;

$cf = $opt_C ? $opt_C : "/etc/sendmail.cf";

if ($ARGV[0]) {                 # command line
    $mqueue = (-d $ARGV[0]) ? $ARGV[0] : dirname("$ARGV[0]");
} elsif (open CF, $cf) {        # scan cf for mqueue
    while (<CF>) {
        if (/^OQ(.*)/||/^O QueueDirectory[\s+=](.*)/) {
            $mqueue = $1;
    close CF;

$mqueue = "/var/spool/mqueue" unless $mqueue; # default to /var/spool/mqueue

opendir MQ, $mqueue;
print scalar (@da = grep /^qf/, readdir MQ), "\n";
close MQ;

Tom Throckmorton
Harvard Business School
ITG, Network Operations Center
throck at hbs.edu

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